On the occasion of the company’s summer closure, orders received from August 7th to August 25th, inclusive, will be processed starting from Monday, August 28th.

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About us

Goldsmith tradition turns innovative

Having worked in the jewelry sector for decades, Doriano Martinelli founded Artlinea in 1983 with the desire to enhance the priceless heritage of craftsmanship using the most innovative methodologies and tools. Today, Artlinea is one of the largest production companies in Italy.

Its roots lie in Tuscany, a fertile land since Etruscan times for the goldsmith tradition, which continues to develop here. Artlinea’s entire production, from the design to the actual manufacturing, takes place in the district of Arezzo, a town known worldwide for its excellence in the production of jewelry.

Artlinea jewels unite the brightness of gold and silver with the intense colors of precious stones, reinterpreting the harmonious designs of floral shapes and abstract art in small, lightweight masterpieces with refined lines.

la tradizione orafa diventa innovativa
la manifattura a servizio del cliente

Everything under one roof

Artlinea is one of the few companies which produces and sells all the items offered in its catalogs directly, without any intermediaries. From the original idea to the packaging: all Artlinea products are designed and manufactured within the company.

This process is made possible by the commitment and experience of over fifty professionals in the sector, specialized in the various phases of the supply chain: study of market trends, conception, design, engineering, selection of precious stones, production, finishing and quality control.

Furthermore, the Artlinea team employs specialists in CAD design and planning, as well as experts of the latest generation machinery such as lasers and 3D printers. They all work in synergy with the master jewelers responsible for the phases of stone casing and finishing of the jewelry, which require a very high level of manual skills and experience. The company also takes care of the marketing to retailers and end customers, guaranteeing after-sales assistance.

Raw materials of excellence

What distinguishes the production of Artlinea jewelry is the meticulous attention paid to the selection of raw materials. 18 kt gold and 925 silver – rhodium-plated or gilded – are combined with gems of great value. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, morganites, aquamarines and pearls: these are the elements that make up the unmistakable identity of Artlinea.

The company has always certified the natural origin of the precious stones it uses. The scrupulous gemological selection also guarantees its excellence in terms of color, purity and cut.

The continuous research and selection of gems from certified suppliers is one of the most important and delicate phases of the production process and is managed with the help of specialized personnel within the company, made up of master stone setters and a certified gemologist.

materie prime di eccellenza
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Unique design and customizable products

The company boasts a network of over 300 official retailers among the best jewelers throughout Italy. Artlinea products are also available in many foreign markets, including Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

All its collections are the result of careful studies of fashion trends and the evolution of demand, which in recent years has shown a growing attention to design, the selection of raw materials and the realization of the product.

The company has therefore specialized in offering items characterized by unique design, as well as high standards regarding the finishing or its products and the selection of materials. Artlinea has moved on from serial production to the creation of increasingly customizable products based on the wishes and requests of the end customer, thanks to extremely flexible production techniques.

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