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Men's jewelry

Dusk Collection

Our first line of jewelry dedicated to modern men in 925 silver.
The rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces of this timeless collection feature an outstanding style and refined finishings, based on the play of light and shadows: the flashes of silver and diamonds are enhanced by the dark shades of the galvanic plating in palladium and black gold.

A precious contrast between light and shadow

Dusk is twilight, that particular moment between day and night in which the light of the sun, having just set, is still perceived through indirect diffusion in the atmosphere. Artlinea first men’s jewelry collection is inspired by this fascinating play of light and shadow. The particular chromatic choice – obtained from the skillful use of 925‰ silver, white diamonds and an original galvanic plating in palladium and black gold – is accompanied by a style inspired by the geometric shapes of classical architecture, with designs that evoke the engravings on stone and ancient marbles.

White diamond

The classic brilliant cut for for optimal light reflection

Embedded stones

Maximum shine to enrich every jewel

925‰ silver

A noble metal with timeless elegance

Black gold and Palladium

Warm burnished reflections with an original galvanic finish

Functional clasp

An innovative choice to combine comfort and style

Natural white diamond

The choice of diamond gives the pieces of our Dusk Collection a unique expressive force, thanks to the immutability and hardness of the stone. On all bracelets and necklaces, the diamond is positioned on the hexagonal element of the nut, a distinctive feature of the final part. It is also optional on some ring and pendant models. We have selected natural white diamonds of VS clarity and G color of 0.01 ct. The classic brilliant cut, with its 58 facets, is the most valuable when it comes to stone processing and allows the light to reflect in an extraordinary way and each color to reveal itself in all its nuances.

ZPU004D LM 02

The shine of the embedded stones

Many models of the Dusk Collection are enriched with high quality stones, which enhance the level of manufacturing thanks to their setting: the stones thus acquire greater shine and embellish the refined lines of rings, bracelets and pendants. The selection of stones is wide, both in type and colour: white cubic zirconia, green and blue nanocrystal, black spinel and lab-grown ruby.

The timeless elegance of silver

Always having been considered a noble metal, silver has been a raw material for the production of coins and jewelry since the times of the ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire. Also the origin of its name is ancient and refers to the Greek argòs, meaning “shining” or “candid”. In the Dusk collection, the choice of 925‰ silver represents the timeless elegance of this noble metal and the unmistakable brightness of its reflections, like the flashes of the sun at dusk.


The burnished reflections of palladium and black gold

The galvanic treatment based on palladium and black gold characterizes the Dusk Collection: a choice that gives the pieces a unique style, thanks to the warm burnished reflections, illuminated by the brilliant flashes of diamonds and silver. Palladium preserves the shine of the jewel over time, thanks to its typical resistance to oxidation while the black gold gives it its dark and deep color, in contrast to the brightness of the silver.


A functional style: the clasp choice

Artlinea’s attentiveness toward its customers can be found in our constant attention to detail and in our proposal of solutions that meet every need. For this first collection of men’s jewelry, we provided a particular carabiner as the closure for bracelets and necklaces, designed to facilitate putting on the pieces: by rotating on itself, the clasp always guarantees the correct position of the jewel and makes it even easier to slip it on.

Doppia catena 1

Modern charm jewelry made with the timeless style of artisanal excellence

Artlinea’s first men’s jewelry collection is designed and created for those who are looking for excellent detail in a piece of jewelry capable of enhancing modern and elegant style using the unique contrast between light and shadow.

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